Erasmus University Rotterdam

Floris de Haan, Senior Aviation Researcher

He is specialized in air transport economics and sustainability, both for passengers and cargo.

About Erasmus UTP

The Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics (Erasmus UTP) is a research centre closely following the environmental, economic and societal impact of aviation. Its mission is to deliver practical research solutions grounded in science.

Our sweet spot in the Stargate project consists of developing new business models. Innovation is great, but in the end, it should be financially viable as well. This is where the expertise of Erasmus UTP comes in.

Opportunities for improvement

A project that strikes our special interest is the digitalisation of air cargo. Based on our experience in this field, we are convinced that the air cargo sector will be able to make a lot of progress in reducing its footprint by applying digital technology in the transportation chain. At Erasmus UTP, we are extremely motivated to closely follow the latest innovations developed within Stargate.

A big shout-out

Getting our message out to the public is as challenging as it is important. Aviation has a footprint, but everyone should know that great things are happening. One day, our industry will be Net Zero Carbon. Think big, act small!

It is magnificent to witness the enthusiasm that characterises the Stargate project. It truly is a cross border team effort with a remarkable energy level I have not often seen before.

Setting an example is one thing, but we are also creating a basis for replication. We are curious to learn which solutions will be implemented not only at Brussels Airport, but also at the fellow airports and beyond.