3 goals, 30+ Projects

Enhance further decarbonization

Airport operations become greener thanks to the electrification or hydrogen fuelling of taxiing and ground handling.

Production and promotion of high blend ratios of Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Renewable energy shared with the surrounding communities.

Improve the local environmental quality

Improvement of local air quality and noise-reduction techniques and innovations.

Involvement of the local community in the transition towards green aviation.

More pleasant living environment thanks to green logistics and smart mobility.

Stimulate the modal shift

Airports as intermodal hubs connecting current and future means of transport.

A mental shift to realize the modal shift: eco-friendly alternatives are promoted (rail, bike, e-mobility).

Smart mobility: accessible, real time information, advice and prediction on optimal mobility solutions.

Innovating through a Digital Twin

A virtual representation with real-time data to test, simulate and modify all operations to create innovative solutions.