Boosting the Digital Green Lane


The Digital Green Lane is a uniform standardized pick-up and delivery process between freight forwarders and ground handling agents at BRUcargo. The Brussels Airport cargo community and Air Cargo Belgium are setting a new milestone for the entire industry, aiming to operate 100% digitally. Under Stargate’s influence, the project is expanding its services. In October 2022, the Digital Green Lane dashboard was launched, allowing participating stakeholders to track their performance and improve their processes.

Whereas originally, air freight administration required a lot of paper documents, the Digital Green Lane allows for freight being picked up or dropped off at the ground handling agents during a preregistered time slot – with all information shared digitally and timestamps being logged by the driver with a mobile device. The concept is supported by the BRUcloud Landside Management applications, offering numerous benefits: less waiting time for trucks, less congestion, more efficient usage of available resources and less paperwork.

Given its great success, several other airports are very much interested in implementing a similar way of working to improve their cargo operations. In that sense, Stargate analyses in what ways a digital hand-over process like Digital Green Lane can be implemented at our fellow airports Budapest and Athens. The added value of such a close collaboration between the different airports would be multiple: exchange of best practices, experiences and knowledge as well as the possibility of data-exchange between the different cargo communities and the set-up of fully digital lanes from origin to departure.

With the launch of the dynamic Digital Green Lane dashboard, the community has a detailed view of their own performance allowing them to benchmark themselves against the overall performance of the BRUcargo community. This will help users to improve their processes and become even more efficient in the near future.

Interested to learn more? Have a look at our video below.

More information can be found on the Air Cargo Belgium project page:

Air Cargo Belgium – Digital Green Lane
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