DHL uses new electric high loaders


Community partner DHL is committed to the triple goal of the Stargate project: decarbonising airport activities, improving local environmental quality and investing in sustainable transport options. Greening ground operations is an important objective that is taking shape already in the programme’s first year: on top of the two electric ground handling vehicles, DHL is currently testing two electric high loaders. These are used to load and unload air cargo containers and pallets to and from aircraft.

The switch to electric equipment will be a great improvement in terms of emissions, engine noise and air quality – both for the surroundings and for employees working on the tarmac. It will require some time getting used to the new vehicles, given that these require a completely different approach to make sure they are charged at the right time. Needless to say, employees are thoroughly trained to work safely with the new equipment. During the current test phase, DHL will analyse the operational impact, the battery autonomy and noise measurement.

During the VOKA Open Day on October 2nd 2022, the general public was able to see the high loaders in action. With this project, DHL hopes to inspire other community partners by proving that even heavy equipment can be electrified.

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