Pol Van Pollaert

Commercial Director Quatra

About Quatra

Quatra is a Belgian company that evolved from a local used cooking oil collection firm into an international company delivering, collecting, and recycling cooking oils and fats. Thanks to the focus on sustainable entrepreneurship and innovative recycling processes, Quatra has known an exponential growth and became a European market leader with more than 100,000 clients ranging from chip shops, restaurants, industrial firms, etc.

At first sight, the link between the Stargate project and Quatra’s activities might seem unusual, but they have a clear added value to the consortium:

Pol Van Pollaert, Commercial Director: “Each of the partners contribute to the greening of aviation in their specific way. In our case, the focus on local renewable energy is completely in line with the positive change Quatra wants to establish with our ‘OlioBox’, a free collection container for used cooking oil.”

It is Quatra’s ambition to increase the collection rate of used cooking oil from private households, more specifically in the area around Brussels Airport. To this end, they want to boost awareness and lower the threshold by making depositing easier. Pol Van Pollaert adds:

“The collected cooking oil is processed locally by Quatra and upcycled into the main raw material to produce bio-kerosene as a sustainable aviation fuel. Through this waste collection, we provide input for other partners in the project that specialise in researching the renewal of fleet fuel types.”

Although Stargate only started less than one year ago, Quatra has been working for several months already on some very concrete deliverables: a new OlioBox truck, a new partnership with Vandemoortele, a survey in collaboration with the University of Hasselt, as well as the preparation of an awareness campaign.

Pol Van Pollaert: “We want everyone to realise that they too can make a positive change to the aviation industry, by recycling their cooking oil.”