After a large-scale test period with two electric hydrant fuel dispensers at Brussels Airport, Skytanking concluded that the Stargate project delivered the necessary insights into the technical characteristics and charging infrastructure for them to order two custom-made electric vehicles destined for into-plane fuelling.

Brussels Airport wants to eliminate CO2 emissions as much as possible, which is why we welcomed the opportunity to switch to electric solutions for our fuelling services. The 2200 refuellings that were performed during the test period were extremely valuable to determine the energy consumption in function of the aircraft model, average distance per movement at the airport and battery size for each truck.

Luc Maes, Operations Manager at Skytanking

Electric vehicles do not only offer significant ecological benefits, they also improve the working conditions of Skytanking’s employees.

After a short training, we were quickly accustomed to driving the electric fuel dispensers. I was positively surprised by the ease of use and the fact that these vehicles are much quieter and cleaner in terms of air quality. Charging also went quite fast.

Sébastien Kinart, Fuel Operator at Skytanking

The custom-built vehicles should be operational at the beginning of 2024 and go hand-in-hand with the implementation of the necessary infrastructural changes at Brussels Airport.