Ella Soltani, Managing Director To70 Belgium

About To70

The perfect match: about To70

At To70, we strongly believe in a future for sustainable aviation and we are convinced that we can provide guidance for our clients in our shared fight against climate change. We know aviation has a significant impact on the global and local environment, and we must work together to ensure this influence is mitigated. Environmental considerations should be the most important driver in development of air transport if it wants to maintain its licence to operate. We help airports and air transport partners to become net zero carbon and to minimize the local impact of aircraft noise nuisance and detrimental effects on air quality. The ambitions of the Stargate project match perfectly with this mission. It is also a valuable opportunity for all partners to join forces in specific initiatives and projects which require a wide spectrum of knowledge and expertise.

Environmental care is part of our DNA. Since its inception in 2000, To70 has played a leading role in the efforts to reduce environmental impacts of aviation. With our thorough understanding of these effects, airspace management, air traffic operations, safety and aviation policy, we are able to develop practical and feasible solutions for a quieter and greener aviation.

Special expertise: Sustainable Aviation Fuels

We are thrilled to collaborate with 21 diverse partners in the quest to make airports and aviation more sustainable. In the Stargate consortium, To70 will provide aviation specific expertise and guidance on the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) framework. In particular, we assist airports on the scope and boundaries of the decarbonisation requirements needed to pursue ACA Level 4+ in the context of a long-term vision towards net zero carbon. We combine many years of experience with significant expert knowledge across our EU offices on new aviation technologies and energy solutions such as Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), electric and hydrogen. Within the Stargate project, To70 takes up a leading role together with UHasselt in creating the initiatives to stimulate the use of SAF. As the project lead for the work package on the replication of solutions at the Fellow airports, we are also looking forward to working closely with Brussels Airport, Athens International Airport Budapest Airport and Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac.


Dream outcome? Tangible results, lasting change

The main challenge we see within the Stargate project is the development of tangible results that translate into lasting change. The great work that is being done by all partners through the various initiatives, solutions and projects that are developed within the programme need to exceed Stargate’s time span. In order to make this happen, the project includes a dedicated work package on sharing knowledge, outcomes and best practices between partner airports – and even other airports near the end of the project. On top of this, To70 will do everything in its power to ensure that plans do not remain plans, but become clear actions that transform airports towards a sustainable future.

The dream outcome of the Stargate goes beyond a single project or even work package. The true value of the project lies in the development of a positive mindset change across all partners. This positive change can be achieved by showing that sustainable projects are possible, and that a sustainable airport and sustainable aviation is within reach. This will empower airports and other partners to continue the hard work and create real impact beyond the borders of the project itself.