Athens International Airport introduces slot booking system


Pilot slot booking

One of the key objectives of Stargate is to optimize the physical infrastructure and operations of the airport cargo area. Athens Airport is taking a significant step toward digitalization and efficiency by initiating a pilot program on slot Booking and implementing Nallian’s Cargo Cloud. Like the Digital Green Lane, the solution consists of a digital slot booking system which enables cargo stakeholders to make landside dock capacity available for slot booking.  

Nallian’s Cargo Cloud enables seamless data sharing and coordination among cargo handlers, freight forwarders and trucking companies. It also offers a Truck Visit Management application, which allows users to book slots for freight pickups and drop offs, reducing wait times and congestion at the gates. 

Collaborating with Nallian, ACB embarked on a visit to Athens a few months ago to introduce and train the staff on the relevant applications. The initial month of the pilot is off to a good start.

The focus now shifts to familiarizing everyone with the new process and establishing effective agreements among all involved parties. 



Proof of Concept for Electrification of two Operational Vehicles

A Proof of Concept for Electrification of two Operational Vehicles has recently been submitted. The purpose of the project is to identify and address the challenges (operational & technical aspects) associated with continuous use of electric vehicles, for safety-critical services on the airfield. The scope includes the procurement of two vehicles (one for Airside Operations and one for wildlife control) and installation of requisite charging infrastructure on the airfield, data collection, and analysis from actual use scenarios and an assessment of whether the necessary operational targets are met, as part of an overall feasibility study.

The two vehicles have been purchased, while the procurement of the required additional equipment required for the vehicles as well as of two fast chargers is in process.


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