Sustainable Aviation Fuel Explained


Up to 80% carbon emission reductions

Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a key solution to reduce the environmental impact of air travel. It is the term used by the aviation industry to describe a set of fuels that can be sustainably produced and generate lower CO2 emissions than conventional jet fuel on a life-cycle basis. By systematically increasing the SAF percentage, the EU hopes to reduce CO₂ emissions by roughly two-thirds by 2050.  Stargate is committed to promote the use of SAF at Brussels Airport as well as our fellow airports in Athens, Budapest and Toulouse.

From Fries to Flight: Feedstock, Production & Use

Feedstocks for SAF can be divided into three main categories: waste oils & fats, biobased feedstocks, and Power-to-Liquid-related feedstocks.

SAF is produced from biomaterial and then blended with kerosene in regular engines. Most engine types are certified to have a maximum blend of 50% SAF. This blend arrives at the airport and is transported to aircraft via a hydrant system or a refueller truck.

Promoting SAF at Brussels Airport: Incentive programme 2024  

What better way to start 2024 with the support of the federal government who will be granting a special financial contribution to promote its use? Brussels Airport expressed the ambition to target 5% SAF on total fuel imports by 2026 as part of Stargate. The SAF incentive will be made available to all passenger and cargo airlines, for both short-haul and long-haul flights departing from Brussels Airport, in the course of 2024. The SAF incentive programme is one of the measures that Brussels Airport Company wanted to take to accelerate the sustainable development of aviation and promote the use of sustainable aviation fuels

Interested to learn how SAF is made? Have a look at our animated infographic.

Diverse Stargate SAF Working Group

In order to reach the Stargate ambition to blend SAF on-site and promote its use, the consortium selected a diverse team with a valuable set of skills.

  • Our lighthouse airport Brussels Airport serves as a testbed for SAF blending, promotional campaigns and the use of the electric fuel dispenser truck.
  • Our partner Quatra collects and recycles Used Cooking Oil, a key feedstock for SAF. Discover their unique expertise in the video below!
  • Community partner Skytanking focuses on the design and development of the SAF blending installation and a custom-made electric fuel dispenser truck.
  • The University of Hasselt is responsible for the development of a SAF blending business model.
  • Consultancy agency To70 takes the lead in the creation of initiatives to stimulate the use of SAF.
  • Our fellow airports Athens, Toulouse and Budapest will implement at least one of the SAF actions listed in the Stargate action plan.
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