Refuel Europe sets SAF ambitions


Following the recent adoption of the RefuelEU Aviation regulation by the European Council, a first meeting took place at Brussels Airport on October 9 between the EU Commission and the Stargate partners. Two representatives of DG Move as well as the airlines, Skytanking UHasselt, To70 and the four airports of the Stargate programme gathered to kick-off their collaboration on RefuelEU.

RefuelEU is a regulation which sets minimum obligations for all fuel suppliers to gradually increase the share of advanced biofuels and synthetic aviation fuels in the fuel supplied to operators at EU airports, according to a set timetable.

For example, in 2025, the minimum share of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) supplied should be 2%. In 2030, the minimum share of SAF should be 5% increasing to 63% in 2050.

This insightful meeting allowed DG Move and the Stargate partners to discuss the details and implications of this regulation, the added value for the sector and impacts on the different types of partners within the Stargate consortium.

More to come soon!

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