Charging Ahead at Toulouse Blagnac Airport


Charge up before or after your flight? Toulouse Blagnac Airport has just installed an ultra-fast EV charging station at its entrance, in partnership with Electra, a French company specialising in fast charging solutions. 

Stargate provided the funding for the manhours of internal employees. The station is not only a practical solution, but also accelerates the decarbonisation and modal shift of transport.  

EV drivers will have a reliable, ultra-fast charging option powered by green energy. The station offers 16 charging points with a capacity of up to 300kW, meaning you can recharge your battery in minutes rather than hours. 

The station is open to all drivers of electric vehicles, whether they are passengers, airport staff, taxis, VTCs (tourist Vehicules with driver), logistics fleets or other mobile users. By offering convenient and fast charging, the station appeals to a wide range of travelers, from airport staff to taxi drivers and logistics fleets. 

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