Survey on Used Cooking Oil recyling provides valuable insights


Stargate partners Hasselt University, Quatra, Brussels Airport Company and the Province of Flemish-Brabant set up a survey to gain more insight in the oil recycling habits of Flemish households. Used Cooking Oil is a key feedstock used to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel, resulting in a significant reduction in carbon emissions. The questionnaire asked citizens about the ways they recycle UCO, what is needed to increase the recycling rate and to further stimulate the use of collection points.

The results provide interesting insights into how waste oil recycling can be stimulated:

    • Awareness on the benefits of recycling UCO can be increased through digital campaigns and communication channels of the municipalities.
    • The majority of respondents not using collection points are interested in using them in the future, especially when located at the supermarket or along the street next to glass containers.

Curious to learn about the process of turning waste oil into feedstock for Sustainable Aviation Fuel? Take a look behind the scenes of Stargate partner Quatra in the following video and follow Quatra on Linkedin!

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